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Latest members of TCH community

Frank , 20 days old baby (Dec. 2008)
 with a proud "new mom and sisters".
Paul, born on August 2008
                                 Paul, now 4 months old
 Punch , 15 days old babygirl.
Just "delivered"  to the care of TCH, by her young mother who could not managed to look after her own baby.
Peace (babygirl)  
                                Peace , 1 year old (2008).
The mother of  Peace, was also orphan at an orphanage in Bangkok. She was only 13 years old when she was raped by a young man. While she was pregnant the orphanage sent her to Ban Pak Chuk Chen (a home in Surin which take care of young pregnant teenaged girls ) .
Peace was born at Si Saket Hospital, and delivered to T-C-H on December 2007 .
 Phum (babyboy),
delivered to T.C.H on May 2007
 (5 days old )                                             
Phum 11 month old. (2008).
All those babies are now growned up kids full of energy and "appetit" for life:  
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