Thailands Childrens Home - Sung Noen

                   BAN  MITTRAPAP ORPHANAGE

Baan Mittrapap Orphanage is a charitable organization in Nakhon Ratchasima province dedicated to the care of needy children. The orphanage was able to open on October 31, 1987, due to the generosity of the director Mrs. Julaporn Eurwisawakul who donated her home, land and a financial endowment to the foundation.                                        
At first, the home cared for children aged from birth to 3, under the loving care of our staff of nannies, nursery school teachers and experts in child development.
Our original mission was to create, operate, and support the orphanage, taking care of the youngest children who need a loving place for their first growth.
  • To care for abandoned orphans, providing needed love and affection.
  • To provide opportunities for the children to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until they have the knowledge, wisdom and ability to take personal responsible for themselves.
  • To raise the children to become self-sufficient adults who contribute to society.
  • To raise these children well and educate them to become good citizens.
  • To assist the government of Thailand in relieving the country's social welfare problems.
However, as time has passed we found that there was an additional need that we could help fulfill:
  • To provide educational opportunities for older children who are otherwise unable to attend school or college.
  • Provide scholarships for children in the community who have lost one or both parents.
  • Provide activities for scholarship children to keep them away from drugs.
  • To solicit funds from various sources to support the scholarship program.
Mrs. Julaporn Eurwisawakul | 100-1 Moo 14 Mittrapap Road, A. Sung Noen, 30170 Nakhon Ratchasima - Thailand | Phone: +66818761572